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Honoring Officer Nehasil

28 Jan

Last week,  Livonia Police Officer Larry Nehasil was killed in the line of duty, investigating a burglary.  Larry followed a suspect into the backyard, shots were fired, and both officer and suspect were found dead.

The loss of Officer Larry Nehasil has struck a heartstring with many in our community, and has reminded us that our police force takes the risk of life for us every time they go to work.

The community has reached out in a multitude of ways offering support to Larry’s family. Read about these heartwarming community efforts in today’s Observer.  Alpha is taking part in the efforts of the Livonia A.M. Rotary and Chamber of Commerce, who have worked together to organize the PATROL for Us (Police Always Taking Risk Of Life for Us) pledge-a-thon challenge. The pledge-a-thon is designed with a snowball effect in mind. Each participating organization impacts the amount the other organizations will donate, growing and growing a larger overall donation (to take part click here). Some organizations have already stepped up to the challenge. Among the first were Merribowl LanesMid-5 Auto Supply, and Big Boy.  In March, we will be wrapping up the Pledge-a-thon at Merribowl, where they will be hosting an event in support of the Larry Nehasil Memorial Fund.

We encourage you to get involved with these efforts and to keep a look out for more updates!


Livonia Change-Makers

21 Jan

Last night, Alpha attended the Livonia Chamber of Commerce Leadership & Awards Ceremony. We were introduced to many community change-makers. Awards honored businesses, students, and individuals who contribute in unique ways to better our Livonia community.

My favorite quote of the evening was from small business of the year winner, Dominic Soave,  of Primo’s Pizza “I make better pizzas than speeches,” after which he went on to give an entertaining and touching account of all the people that helped contribute to Primo’s success. Other organizations honored were Bill Brown Ford, Madonna University, and Angela Hospice.

As a past honoree and community member, Alpha was happy to be a part of celebrating Livonia, and proud that we have been able to call it home for fifty years.

For a full list of the winners, along with profiles, please see the Chamber’s press release.

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