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Speak English, already

9 Jun

Sesquipedalian: ses-kwi-pi-dey-lee-uhn (adj) given to using long words; (of a word) containing many syllables.  (n) a sesquipedalian word.

This word, and the words it describes, are like Slinkies to me: expandable, retractable, generally functionless but altogether fun-to-play-with toys.  Today, however, I was (gently) reminded that my fascination resides somewhere out on the margins of general interest.  So my new goal is to avoid these literary critters, and stick to good ol’ fashion English.  Or rather, new English.

To facilitate this, I’ll be implementing a “Sesquipedalian Violations” counter, so that sentences like this one will earn me two, maybe even three (?) demerits.  As for what that means, I’m inviting suggestions from you.  Nickel in a jar?  No ice cream?  Facebook privileges revoked?  I’m looking forward to your comments.  But please, be gentle.

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