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PositiveDetroit Highlights AlphaUSA’s Efforts to Save the SS United States

12 Dec

Positive Detroit

Local blogger PositiveDetroit posted an article featuring AlphaUSA and their support of the SS United States Conservancy’s effort to Save The United States!

You can read the article here.




17 Aug

At AlphaUSA, we know how important it is for high-schoolers to get engaged in the sciences early and we appreciate how Kettering University looks to share the real world applications of engineering with teen-aged women through it’s LITE program. LITE stands for Lives Improve Through Engineering, and students enrolled in the program learn how engineering really affects our day-to-day lives through practical experiences like designing life-saving car parts to constructing replacement limbs. The ladies even explore the exciting science behind the latest crime solving techniques. The competitive program hosts 36 students from across the country on the campus for a two-week-long learning experience.

Alpha was proud to sponsor three Livonia women who were accepted into the program through the George and Christine Strumbos Scholarship,  Melisa Savich and Erin Brown from Stevenson High School and  Jessica Suer from Franklin High School. The students traveled to the Kettering University Campus in Flint, Michigan where they were introduced to the art of engineering. College faculty taught classes and labs, field trips to see engineering in action, and upper-class-man mentorship gave the ladies a memorable experience that will give them a head start on their future in engineering.

Who knows, maybe some the Alpha scholars will be inspired by the LITE program and become a part of the next wave of great AlphaUSA engineers!

Kids On Campus

15 Aug

The question “what did you do one your summer vacation?” isn’t usually answered with “took a class in High Tech Manufacturing”, especially if you’re talking with a 5th grader. This summer, AlphaUSA sent 12 students in grades 5 through 12 to Schoolcraft College’s Kids on Campus program, their initiative to introduce both middle and high-schoolers to college-level, higher education. The camp offers a wide variety of week-long classes in everything from the arts to traditional academic skills. The Alpha students spent their summer taking classes in structure and  design, robotics, manufacturing, and entrepreneurship.

Each day, Alpha shuttled the kids to Schoolcraft’s campus, where they would then gain exposure to non-traditional subjects in a college setting. The Schoolcraft classes are taught by professionals within their fields and content experts in a dynamic and diverse social environment. The program is built to be fun with hands-on learning in an interactive environment, but it also acts as an introduction to college that will build excitement and encourage motivation.  The students were given both a unique summer adventure (that they can boast about when they return to school in the fall) and a learning experience that will stick with them throughout their education.

Austin Madgwick, Bailey Hootman, Kahil Williams, Kennedy Hootman and
Kharari Williams holding up graduation certificates from the KOC program.

Justin Rupp and Brendan Arquette hold up games they made in their Machine Manufacturing class.

Kids on Campus participant Tyler Spring reviews a project with AlphaUSA President/COO Chuck Dardas.

AlphaUSA leads effort to Save The SS United States

3 Jul

Photo courtesy of Nick Landiak and the SS United States Conservancy

60 years ago today, the SS United States, the greatest ocean liner ever built, departed on a record-breaking maiden voyage. A week later she returned home to a hero’s welcome and ticker tape parade. Once air travel became the preferred means of transportation, the SS United States was eventually taken out of service. She has passed from owner to owner and now sits in Philadelphia, slowly deteriorating. Once the pride of a nation, the vessel is close to being lost forever.

In February of last year, the president of Philadelphia-based TurnaSure introduced AlphaUSA’s president, Chuck Dardas, to the SS United States Conservancy‘s  “Save Our Ship” movement to preserve our nation’s flagship.  As a company we were immediately drawn to the superliner and her story.

The famed naval architect William Francis Gibbs designed the superliner. Constructed entirely in the United States she served a dual-purpose.  In peaceful times she would be the world’s finest passenger liner, but if called upon,  she could be converted to a troop carrier in two-days time, transporting 10,000 troops anywhere in the world.  The ship that bears the name of this great land became an inspiration to this veteran-owned company.

The ship was built to be a “super” liner, at the cutting edge of technology — the largest ocean liner constructed almost completely of aluminum and she broke speed records on her maiden voyage. To this day, the SS United States still holds the record for fastest transatlantic passenger travel, and to this day she is a manufacturing and engineering marvel.

Feeling a strong affinity for the industrial-know-how and American Pride that went into creating the SS United States,  AlphaUSA took on the Conservancy’s effort as its own.  Charged by our attendance at TEDx, and moved by local Detroit crowdfunding efforts, we suggested a unique online fundraiser. The Conservancy liked the idea, and looked to AlphaUSA to turn it into a reality.

For over a year now, AlphaUSA has been leading the design and outreach efforts for Save the United States, a national campaign to restore America’s Flagship, a groundbreaking fundraising experience that will teach new generations about the ship and allow supporters to take part in her restoration in a very personal way.  After all the hard work, we can’t believe it will finally launch to the public this month.  AlphaUSA is proud to be a part of this historic effort and looks forward to inviting our local community to get involved in her restoration.

A Little Help Goes a Long Way

25 Feb

As mentioned in November, Alpha worked together with the Livonia AM Rotary Club, the Churchill Rotary Interact Club, and St. Mary Mercy Hospital to contribute supplies in an effort to help Bawock, Cameroon. Dr. Stanley Ngeyi, a Rotarian and Madonna University Professor, regularly visits his home village,  and recently returned to Livonia bringing back with him pictures and stories of success.

Last fall, a container full of medical supplies was shipped from Livonia; it arrived while Dr. Ngeyi was visiting the village over the holidays. The people of Bawock were excited to receive the much needed medicines as well as the gifts of rice and wine from Dr. Stanley.

With Bawock’s medical clinic rebuilt, and their maternity clinic almost completed, it’s amazing to see that a little help can stretch over 6,000 miles from Livonia to Cameroon.

Members of the village receiving medical supplies in front of the new clinic.

Alpha, Always in the Lead

1 Dec

(photo: B. Baar)

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Meet a good business friend of Alpha, a decorated 1981 March 817 Can-Am.  Formerly a Budweiser sponsored Newman Racing Team Car, It has been driven by both Bobby Rahal & Teo Fabi.  It is currently driven by David Nikolas of Michigan-based Nikolas Motorsport.

This September, the Can-Am raced at the U.S. Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen, NY.  This weekend, December 3-5, Dave will be taking the track again at Sebring International Raceway for the Legends of Motorsports Event.

Stay tuned for exciting footage & photos of the event!

Senator Highlights Alpha During Campaign Stop

13 Oct

Yesterday, Senator Glenn Anderson visited Alpha for a campaign stop. The Senator spoke about Alpha’s community involvement and commitment to the region. He stressed the importance of businesses like ours and our role in the success of the local and Michigan economies. He reminisced about Alpha’s recent 50-year anniversary and wished us well for the next 150.


Senator Anderson speaking in front of Alpha



Some of Alpha’s dedicated employees, Glenn was surprised that many have been here for more than 30 years


Photos: Rob Kennedy

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