17 Aug

At AlphaUSA, we know how important it is for high-schoolers to get engaged in the sciences early and we appreciate how Kettering University looks to share the real world applications of engineering with teen-aged women through it’s LITE program. LITE stands for Lives Improve Through Engineering, and students enrolled in the program learn how engineering really affects our day-to-day lives through practical experiences like designing life-saving car parts to constructing replacement limbs. The ladies even explore the exciting science behind the latest crime solving techniques. The competitive program hosts 36 students from across the country on the campus for a two-week-long learning experience.

Alpha was proud to sponsor three Livonia women who were accepted into the program through the George and Christine Strumbos Scholarship,  Melisa Savich and Erin Brown from Stevenson High School and  Jessica Suer from Franklin High School. The students traveled to the Kettering University Campus in Flint, Michigan where they were introduced to the art of engineering. College faculty taught classes and labs, field trips to see engineering in action, and upper-class-man mentorship gave the ladies a memorable experience that will give them a head start on their future in engineering.

Who knows, maybe some the Alpha scholars will be inspired by the LITE program and become a part of the next wave of great AlphaUSA engineers!


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