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A Little Help Goes a Long Way

25 Feb

As mentioned in November, Alpha worked together with the Livonia AM Rotary Club, the Churchill Rotary Interact Club, and St. Mary Mercy Hospital to contribute supplies in an effort to help Bawock, Cameroon. Dr. Stanley Ngeyi, a Rotarian and Madonna University Professor, regularly visits his home village,  and recently returned to Livonia bringing back with him pictures and stories of success.

Last fall, a container full of medical supplies was shipped from Livonia; it arrived while Dr. Ngeyi was visiting the village over the holidays. The people of Bawock were excited to receive the much needed medicines as well as the gifts of rice and wine from Dr. Stanley.

With Bawock’s medical clinic rebuilt, and their maternity clinic almost completed, it’s amazing to see that a little help can stretch over 6,000 miles from Livonia to Cameroon.

Members of the village receiving medical supplies in front of the new clinic.


Over $137,000 in support

15 Feb

We continue to follow the story of Larry Nehasil, the fallen police officer who served Livonia for over 20 years.

Larry’s death has been met with an outcry of support for the family and many efforts to show appreciation for Larry as well as our Police force and Firemen. Even weeks after the tragedy, support for the family is still going strong:

  • Last week, a Livonia resident and former classmate of the officer, presented the idea that a park be named after Officer Nehasil.
  • Last Friday, February 4th, the Livonia Jaycees hosted an event at One Under Bar and Grill, with all proceeds benefitting the Nehasil Family. It was easy to see the community support from the many attendees to the multitudes of donated silent auction prizes.
  • Last Saturday, February 12th, more than 500 people attended the In Memory of a Hero benefit for Larry’s family.
  • This coming Friday, February 18th, at the Livonia, Brighton, and Canton Buffalo Wild Wings 20% of sales from all three stores will be donated to the memorial fund (promotion must be mentioned for donation to be counted).

The Larry Nehasil Memorial Fund has over $137,000 in it already, with many more fundraising efforts ongoing.  To get involved, click here.

This is What We Do.

9 Feb

It’s what we are talking about in this town:

Did you see that Chrysler commercial?

The “Imported From Detroit” ad has rallied supporters worldwide around our city, its story, its people.

Reinvention, a living reality Detroit has become famous for,  is a clearly featured theme of the ad and its focus on Detroit as a gritty hardworking city– highlighting our region’s trip to “hell and back.”

The most important and moving aspect of the ad was its focus on Detroit’s talent. It paints a picture of Detroit through its dedicated citizens.  The stalwart Detroiters you see embellishing the cityscape aren’t make believe. They are a real part of our community, our mission.

Chrysler invested in the two minute, longest-ever SuperBowl ad of course with the intention of selling vehicles. What they ended up doing was telling our story of determination to upwards of 100 million people.  And we are proud.

This is the Motor City. This is what we do.

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