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Help for Cameroon, Shipped From Livonia

10 Nov

Dr. Stanley Ngeyi grew up in the small village of Bawock in Cameroon and is now a professor at Madonna University. A few years ago, Bawock had been virtually destroyed by an attack from a neighboring village, leading to scarce resources and a damaged hospital. Dr. Ngeyi became very aware of how in need his village was and knew that with help he could make a change.

Through the Livonia A.M. Rotary Club, Dr. Ngeyi connected with many Livonia businesses. At Alpha we are working with him to assist in finding solutions. We’ve collected gloves, gauze, scissors, thermometers, etc. Two weeks ago, a load of these medical supplies shipped from our facility, and that’s just the beginning.

Soon more medical supplies, including exam tables and wheelchairs, will ship as well.

Alpha is about solutions, even for Cameroon.


When Survival Isn’t Enough

10 Nov

Businesses that successfully weathered the past year’s economic downturn are the survivors that will define the evolution of manufacturing in the coming decade. To keep up and continue moving forward, businesses need to invest in new technologies, but even successful businesses are challenged to establish funding for these projects.

Alpha COO, Chuck Dardas, recently expressed these frustrations to Crain’s Detroit Business, the full article is available here (free registration with Crain’s is required).

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